Great work - see you there


I left Guyana 22 yrs ago. went back once in '93. I really wish i could be there to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Guyana i am proud of you.


It would be good to c all our people coming 2getter and celebrate. I love my country and all the ppl in my country.yea all just come and enjoy once more in ur country, c u there...


i am hauntedly awaiting the carifesta big fete at the stadium i want to support every activity i am truly so proud of my guyana and i love my people see you at the national stadium on the 22 august to the 31st

Desiree Tulloch-Reid

I have enjoyed browsing this excellent and informative site. I am very much looking forward to attending some of the Carifesta activities. I am already decided on attending certain activities and look forward to the posting of the schedule when available.
Every success for the "return home" of Caribana, Guyana 2008!

terrence thompson

i am looking forward to seeing the carifesta went i visit guyana


it's finally back home to its birth place so lets make it the best carifesta ever n show then that we still can do our thing


Will be coming for this great event/festival will be taking over the town like king kong ah coming down

tony torch

i am looking forward to getting a chance to perform my songs[chutney and reggae] at this excellent event.go guyana go.


I am looking forward towards my vacation during Carifesta. Where can I purchase admission to Carifesta.Best wishes on the count down.

reycia nedd

it is time to show the entire caribbean and the world at large that guyana can and is capable of hosting an event this maganitude. kudos to the carifesta secretariat for their stellar contribution to the entire process. one caribbean, one purpose- our culture, our life.

Rick Ramchand

Will be visiting Guyana and need itenery of program

jackie conyers

It's nice to see Guyana hosting such a wonderful event again


It's nice to know that Guyana will be hosting Carifesta X.
As Guyanese we will strive to make this event one to remember.
Being One People, One Nation, One Destiny yet showcasing One Caribbean, One Purpose- Our Culture, Our Life


Its so good to see Guyana hosting such a big so proud to be a Guyanese...


Nice to see Guyana is coming up keep up the good work from



Guyana Reunion

Visit for indepth conversation about this event.


I was living in Guyana when Carifesta 72 was hosted by Guyana. There are so many things I remember about that wonderful experience. The one thing that still is embedded in my brain is the privilege and honour to work-out(dance) with Madam Lavinia Williams, it was because of her, in part, the art form of Dance was taken to a whole new level. Thank you for building this web site for a lot of us to remember and reflect on those times.....I am truly Proud to be a Guyanese.

Illegal Poet

I am looking forward to representing Turks & Caicos at CARIFESTA X!